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Website Domain Name Scams

Individuals or corporate people those who do multiple financial transactions through online portals should be a watchdog and should exercise maximum caution since scammers will siphon off the money using fraudulent means. Fraudsters generally send phishing mails with an ultimate objective to swindle the money of the commoners. Individuals those who open scammers' mail should never reciprocate to them since they will try to lure in many ways. Commoners should delete the mail immediately after exploring it and should also permanently delete it from the spam or thrash folders.
Scams that are related to website domain name registration is becoming very popular these days and generally the mails related to these types of scams come from China or other eastern countries. Scammers those who are planning to loot the important information from the servers or computers will send a mail which will have formal words like "This email is from China domain registration center and our company mainly deals with domain name registration. We observe that your company name does not appear in the search engine". Mid-size and small companies are receiving scams related to website domain names for the past several months. The mails from the Chinese scammers will be:
  • Informing you that some other company is trying to register your domain name
  • Registrar is seeking your permission for registering the brand name
Though these types of scams are not that dangerous individuals are cautioned not to accept any mails from Chinese destinations since when it is related to domain name registration since it might be scamming mails. The scammers will persuade you to register your websites with the domain names ending with, and Scams related to website domain name application and appraisal are also increasing and the commoners are warned not reply to these types of mails that comes from unknown people. Scammers will also give constant pressure to the commoners to renew their domain names with them. Mails that are sent by the scammers will be extremely technical and will have lots of grammatical errors. Individuals can easily identify that these types of mails comes from scammers when they read the content patiently. The scammers will even call the individuals after shooting mail and prompt them to pay registration fees for domain registration. Corporate or others should show caution when they get a mail with following words "We are a famous network service company which is the domain name registration center in Beijing, China. We observe that some third party is using your domain names and it is our responsibility to intimate about this". If the companies reply the scammers will extract vital information such as banking and financial details and try to play their fraudulent roles. Individuals those who receive these types of mails should immediately escalate the matter to cyber crime wing or other concerned authorities. The mails and phone calls from the scamming world will look formal and will carry authorize signatories. Individuals should understand that these are only tricks that are played by the scammers.

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