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Vishing Scams

Scammers those who operate from Nigeria and other African countries ask for money in many different ways. The common tool that they use regularly for swindling the common man's money is email. Commoners those who are expected to protect their confidential information and data such as financial and banking details somehow lose these types of valuable information to the criminal network. These hooligans those who anticipate reply mails from the innocent people erupt with joy and happiness when they get the same. These money mongers will rob the important data like online passwords, credit card details from the commoners and will siphon off the amount quickly. One of the British businesswoman lost almost 100000 pounds to the scam that is related to vishing. This world class scam is still popular and hundreds of people are reading this scam daily.
In this spectacular scam the fraudsters themselves have posed as bank fraud prevention team and siphoned off the money instantly from her bank account. Scams that are related to phone based vishing happen only through telephone or VIOP lines. When some unknown person dials your phone number and tries to extract your sensitive and confidential information or requests you to transfer the money to their account it is called as vishing. Show maximum caution when some unknown person or third person calls you asking you to provide online user id and password and other such confidential information. When you part away these particulars the scammers will act immediately and rob the money from your bank account or credit card account.
Scams related to online vishing is also becoming very famous. It is imperative to note that vishing is also somewhat like phishing scams were the scammers try to extract financial and banking details from the target group. The commoners and companies should follow the below mentioned points to safeguard their money:
  • Check the dialer and find out whether the caller is an international and if the call is from foreign lands disconnect it immediately.
  • If any caller requests you to provide financial particulars or confidential information like SSN number, bank account and passwords never share it.
  • Show more caution when the calls are routed through VIop since these calls might from the scamming world.
  • The scammers will put lots of pressure and try to extract maximum information from you. Never succumb to any pressures and disconnect the call immediately.
  • Escalate these types of matters to the police and other government authorities those who are dealing with scamming activities.
Plenty of scam related to vishing and phishing are happening throughout the world and hundreds of affluent people have lost pounds and dollars to these types of criminals. Always verify the credentials of the people those who are calling you and if you find that the callers' names are black listed in scamming websites decide to write to cyber crime department immediately. Never fall prey to these types of scammers or fraudsters those who have negative motives in their mind.

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