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WhatsApp Voicemail Scam
Nowadays more and more peoples are scammed with messages like WhatsApp new voicemail for them this is a Phishing Scam. Rip and Scam provides right solution for this Scam/Spam.
How to Detect WhatsApp Fake Emails
he WhatsApp E-mail includes a big (green) button named "Listen" or "Play" which redirects the user to a URL where a file, purportedly the voice message, is offered for download.

If you get this WhatsApp Voicemails just mark them as Scam/Spam or delete them.

If you accept the "Play" or "Listen" button the malware will be automatically downloaded on your device.

After that you will be redirected to a website which will scam you into installing malware.

DON'T INSTALL MALWARE (i.e. don't click on the play button)

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