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West African Domain Scams

Criminals operating from African countries like Nigeria often target the Americans and also the people staying in other countries. FBI has even arrested some of the scammers those who operated from Africa and swindled millions of dollars from the American citizens. The scammers those who operate from Zaire, Nigeria and Ethiopia often follow time-tested and traditional methods to hijack important data of the individuals. Only when they fail in these methods they adopt new ones to cheat the individuals. Though intelligent group escape from their hands innocent people are still losing hundreds of dollars to these types of perpetrators. Target group often realize that they have been cheated badly by the scammers only when they lose money to them.
West African scams that are related to domain registration are gaining huge popularity. The scammers those who are operating from the West African countries or Nigeria will shoot out mails which will carry the words such as "We observe that there is mismatch in the domain registration and to set right the issue we would request you to provide the IP or the exact domain registration number". The mails sent by the scammers will be worded neatly and will carry error free message. But when the recipient observers these mails closely there will be few errors. But the individuals out of fear reciprocate to their mails and provide them the domain registration number innocently. Though these types of scams are not that serious like the other ones still the corporate houses should consider these types of mail seriously and preserve their data safely and securely. The point is that recipient should not provide any vital information to the third parties and lose the data.
Scammers those who are operating from West African countries will offer send mails which will have the following message "We are selling luxury apartments that were used by royal families at bare minimum rates and the highest bidders will get a chance to win the apartments. We request the recipient of the mail to make small amount as deposit as processing fees." The mails will be extremely tempting and when the individuals out of excitement reply to these types of conman they will request the individuals to provide bank account or credit card details. So, show caution when there are these types of mails from the West African countries. Generally the law abiding royal families those who stay in African countries will never shoot out these types of scamming mails to the people of other countries.
Scams related to gold bars that are being at sold at minimum rates are also becoming popular. Fraudsters will use different types of methods to fool the individuals and the latest scam which is gaining popularity is romance or dating. In these types of scams that are related to romancing and dating the Nigerian scammer will send attractive images or photos of nude women to the recipient mailing address and invite him for chatting. When the innocent people start chatting with these guys the scammers negative shade will come out.

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