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Proxy Service Scams

Businessmen, Corporate houses and individuals those who are regularly using websites for financial transactions should be very careful sine the cyber crime is increasing day-by-day. Hundreds of businessmen and individuals have lost huge amount to the scammers in the past and the authorities are unable to trace the scammers since they change their identities quickly. Scams related to phishing are increasing and the netizons should show maximum caution while using mails and websites. Several scams that are related to proxy service and settings are becoming famous and the public those who use the banking websites should be very careful while logging in. Scammers will send a mail which will look like an official mail send by bankers. The mails from the scammers will redirect the people to fake websites and when the public innocently login with their passwords the scammers will loot the money quickly.
Dont open mails from unknown person

Cyber crime authorities are noticing sudden spate of increase in these types of scams and they have also issued warning messages to the public about the seriousness of using login user id and passwords. Scammers learn the technicalities of the proxy servers and loot the money from the commoners without their knowledge. Public should never open mails that are sent by unknown persons since it might by from the scamming world. When the public unknowingly open their mails the message will automatically infect the browsers which will pave way for easy password theft.
Proxy scam

Businessmen or others those who transact business or finance through websites should change the proxy settings then and there and should supervise it regularly since the hijackers will lay their hand at any point of time. Many scams related to proxy servers and settings have been noticed in eastern countries also. Finance department or others those who use computers regularly for financial transaction should install legitimate anti-malware application and should update it regularly. The technical geek who is working in EDP department should check for any virus infection or any changes in settings regularly and should inform any technical defects to the top management. Prolonging these types of exercises will only complicate the problems. Nigerian scammers those who operate from far off land use proxy servers to cheat the public. Proxy server sits between client application and a real server. It is imperative to note that proxy server can be used by anyone and the IP address can be changed quickly.
Free proxy service

Customers should follow the below mentioned guidelines to save their important information that are stored in their browsers:
  • Update the servers and proxy settings regularly and supervise it on day to day basis.
  • Take a proxy server report regularly and check for any hops or any alien IP address.
  • Compare the IP address and find out if there are any strange IP addresses.
  • Only one person should have the user id and password for opening the mail computer or terminal and others should never touch the main computer.
  • Validate the user id and password regularly and also change it quite often.
  • Report these types of scams to the police or cyber crime authorities.
Proxy Detection

Proxy server detection

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