Male Scammer vincent 

Scammer vincent 

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First Name: vincent
Location [Address]: naõ tenho

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I was on Our Time and he was on Senior People Meet. We connected and within two weeks he was asking me to go off line to yahoo IM. We talked for over a month and no money was asked for. He was an Italian American working on building an airport in Benin Africa, he claimed to be a civil engineer, He then introduced his sister into the conversation who was Naomi Flannigan living in the UK. By the end of the second month is when he asked for money, of course after telling me a sad story about how he lost his wallet in the jungle, how he had to stop all his credit cards. He needed money for his hotel and processing fees. He with stating how much he needed and then said how much his sister was going to give but he was 1600 short. And how he could pay it back when his grant comes in from the government. And that would be in a week. His so called sister started writing me telling me how shy her brother was and didn't want me to know of all his problems, so she was now asking for money to help him. This is where I called him a scammer and all hell broke lose. He was angry, yelling, cursing, telling me I didn't know what I was talking about. We went back and forth for a while then he just disappeared. I gave him NO MONEY.



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