Male Scammer Stan Joseph

Scammer Stan Joseph

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We met on meet me he said something about my smile. Asked to talk through ms messenger. We had contact from february until june in messenger than I reported him as spam in facebook he asked me for money all the time he said he was a federal agent and could not pay anything with his personal bank account because of that. He was working for the UN Already thirty years and would retire earlier because his wife died two years ago the children were left allone with the nanny. he still had to work. I felt so sorry for the children that’s wat trickered me. 29 th of june he would come to the Netherlands. I paid him a bog amount for his childrens tickets. Total amount I have send him through this months is euro 3685 cash through Western Union payment to his Nanny Mrs Michelle mc Ghee in Winterhaven. Another person send me a message by mail on the night of 28/29 june that he had a serious accident and was in a coma but he would be all right i should not worry. He says now he woke upfrom his coma and sends me messages to my email he says he will pay me back when he will be back home. His phone number is probably fake I tried a fewtimes to call it but it was mentioned on facebook.



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