Male Scammer Sean Miles

Scammer Sean Miles

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First Name: Sean
Location [Address]: Houston

Reports :

chatting with this man who clamied and had a number in Oxnard.. after chatting with him for a week I noticed his location had move. Now in Syria. So first clue , only a month of chatting , says he loves me.,, this went on for three months. then he started to ask for information so he could send me some money via credit card. Stating his american cards dont work in Syria.. ya right.. well I am with you on warning others of him and his scam.. I don't even believe the man in the photos he has put out and sent to me are even real..I asked him to send a photo of himself with his thumb up and he couldn't ..


at this point I knew he was a scam and kept up the game.. two days ago he asked for all my info.. of course I didn't give it to him.. yes he has talked to me on the phone...seems like there are more then one of them as the first guy I talked to on the phone I couldn't understand ,, but the next guy yes I could understand him.. One time on the call I heard many men in the background and heard him say yes she is very pretty... so here you go.. now how do I post photos I have many Now he is asking for info so he can get me a card and buy him stuff and a airplane ticket out.. right/



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