Male Scammer Ruddock... Mark

Scammer Ruddock... Mark

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First Name: Ruddock...
Location [Address]: Believed to eminate from Ghana. Possibly a fake Facebook page created: Has only eleven friends - one from Accra, Ghana. A 'Martin Touch'................. Strange conection.!/james.ruddock.733

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He struck up a romantic relationship with me and then told me his mother was ill in Ukraine and needed? 600 to pay immediately so she could go to hospital. So, I paid! He then said after two weeks that his mother didn't have enough to pay the hospital bill and he wanted me to pay a further? 400. I did not pay this time! When skyping he said his camera was not working although my system said it was, and his picture was blacked out. He would continue to make me feel guilty for not paying for the rest of the hospital bill; he said his credit card would not work. He was at this point apparently in Dubai on business from Florida. Any questions I would ask he would go silent and not respond. I asked which hotel he was in and when I telephoned the hotel they did not have his name of the register... he said they were mad and who should I believe him or some idiot on the receptions desk!



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