Male Scammer Eric Adams

Scammer Eric Adams

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First Name: Eric
Location [Address]: 2145 Franklin St Apt 7, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 44
Aka: Eric Perez Kennedy
Aliases: Erick
Phone: 9512156894

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Scamming scenario :
I met Eric on Christian mingle. He introduced himself as a self employed PH.D. Pharmacist. He said he worked indecently with company contracts working in places where people need help like vaccinations and where hardships have struck ex. Haiti, Namibia, etc. Eric does have extensive medical knowledge. He is a smooth talker. He will tell you right away about his ex girlfriend and how she left him and his daughter to drum up sympathy. He is an excellent talker and writer. But will ask for money when traveling especially to Nigeria to retrieve his computer that was pawned. Yes, he pawns stuff a lot and then you have to pay for it to get it back. That is how I feel for his trick. Eric has blond short hair slick back. He has a fair complexion and light eyes. He also has a STUTTER when he speaks.Oh, he will tell you how he isn't close with his family. His mother died of an over dose and his father and two brothers live in Ireland. They do not speak. He has no friends.



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