Male Scammer Micheal Packer

Scammer Micheal Packer

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First Name: Micheal
Location [Address]: unknown
Age: 29

Micheal Packer

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"Good Morning Rose,
Perhaps you will be astonished for receiving a letter from me. I just want that a letter is more eloquent than words. That is why this will definitely speak for itself.I am a little bit confused on how and what to do just to eradicate you to know from my vivid mind your charming and beautiful face. The more time I spend with you the more I like everything about you and the more I want to find out all about you- how you think, how you feel, what your dreams are and everything nice from you. If I could only do something just to persuade you.Sweetie every thing I wish to do was left undone because of this unexplainable emotion. My admiration was still bubbling within me these past lonely days.Truthfully, and undoubtedly, I can fool anyone but I cannot fool myself. I would be a great liar if I uttered that I'm not in love with you. No matter what you think or say, all I can say is I'm falling for you right from my heart and I will not hesitate if you will give me just a little time to prove my feelings of endearment and to prove to you that I'm deserving of your feelings, from your heart. But I'm still very scared like I told you from the beginning due to my past experience and I'm gonna share with you about it. I once had a good family and blessed with a son (Josh). I have been a man with a very caring heart and I don't joke with my Family, I always hope and work for the best for my family. Until everything turn around and my wife changed suddenly to me and still I never knew why and I thought shit happens and things will still be fine cos I have a strong hope and believe in God and handle every situation with patience and ease cos I've got a very soft mind free from trouble. Then I later heard that she brings another man to my matrimonial home whenever I'm out there on duty. Then I had to rethink and told her a wrong duty resumption date, she invited a man again thinking I was gone then I came back I met them both in my room, I was shocked and didn't know what i could, I just sat down and kept looking. I said to myself, what kinda life is this, Is this how to repay me after the love and commitment I've made to this family, why would she ever cheat on me in a consistent way and even bring man into my matrimonial bed huh that's shit. I knew I could never cope again but will keep my son with me. I just woke up one day and have this thought in my Body I thought maybe it's God's work that he wants all that secret out for me, I woke up that morning and have the thought in my mind that I need a DNA with Josh and unfortunately for me it came out negative meaning I wasn't josh original father then I thought I lost everything in the world and collapsed, I was admitted in the hospital for less than 48hrs but just don't wanna go back to that scary life anymore so I had my divorce and since then I've been living alone and made the determination that I would never make it up to any woman again and settling down.
there was this very day an old friend called me and preached to me and asked me do I still believe in God and I told him Yes and then he said God still has plans for me and if not, I wouldn't get to know so much just like that about my previous family and that has been happening for years outta my awareness. He said I should have one more trial and see what God has for me. He told me about the site as where he also met his companion which they've been living good and well, I was not even chanced at first of getting on to the site until recently when I got on and came across to you. So Rose, I need a very good assurance from you that I shouldn't be scared anymore and that you'll never let me down. I really need that from you. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special friendship and relationship with you Janet!. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul!. My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own! Directly from my heart to yours! I hope to hear from you and also talk to you pretty soon
Much love, warm hugs and kisses
Micheal Packer."



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