Male Scammer Henry K Amponsah

Scammer Henry K Amponsah

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First Name: Henry K
Location [Address]: Romford, Essex
Age: 38

Henry K Amponsah

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Reports :

He is acting with the name Fred Jackson, from Columbus Ohaio. He says he's a military doctor and that is in peace mission in Damascus, Syria. He claims he has a daughter 20 years, and that her mother died in childbirth. Once you get to know, he asks for money for his daughter, due hospital treatments.Following several letters of love and wonderful promises of a life full of happiness he ask to marry the victim. Then, reveals that he received a prize reward (treasure) for saving a great political importance of character and who wants to get to the supposed future wife. .


For this package / consignment arrives at the destination of the victim through a dubious carrier, are being obtained fees and documents created, always by sending of large amounts of money. There is no package / consignment. I know he is from Columbus, Ohaio, United States of America and he never had been in Siria nor Afeganistan, nor infirm a Peace Mission and also never was a doctor.He lives extorting money from women after stages a deep romance. Note that it also acts as gay, extorting money men who feel in full loneliness.



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