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Scammer george 

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First Name: george
Location [Address]: Canada
Age: 48
Aka: Tim Donald-Fox, Javier Hussein


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Reports :

This money was depositied in an account in my name, as Andor Fari was unable to accept the funds in his name due to his recent contract with the company, An account was opened in my name with initial opening deposit of $29,000 placed in an account at TrustBond Credit Union in the UK, which the funds were supplied by me after he told me he had only $300 dollars left to his name, and I would need to raise the money for the opening deposit. After the 11 milllion was drafted in the account, a STOP ORDER was placed by UK Govt for payment of compulsory UK fund entry tax clearance certificate required which was $586,020 USD in order for these funds to be transferred to the US to my account. He said I will have to help him raise the tax fund by mortgaging my house or selling anything I could to obtain the $586.020.


I came across a web site that had all of his letters written to me, word for word, with the names of other women on these letters. I contacted him and forwarded these letters to him. He said his computer was probably hacked, but never mentioned how we needed to continue to get the money. I have a copy of the initial Investors Certificate provided by First Global Capital Investment International, and I have a copy of the STOP ORDER from the HM Treasury in the UK. I also have all of the email correspondence with the TrustBank Credit Union with instructions on how to set up the account, and emails from Head of Operations at First Global Capital Investment International. I am happy to supply any of these documents. He also had me wire him funds twice to Sydney to an account with the name of James Stone at Westpac Bank. I have the IBAN acct number and the swift code. I sent him per his request $2,000 the first time and $1,500 the second wire so he had money to live on while supposedly waiting for the draft to be deposited and clear the account.



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