Male Scammer Gary Chizik

Scammer Gary Chizik

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First Name: Gary
Location [Address]: Albertaunknown Brooks
Age: 44

Gary Chizik

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This man made contact first, between 10/16 - 12/16 then asked for email address, then phone number. He wrote such eloquent emails, and has a smooth accent. He claims to be widowed for six years, has a daughter Emily, a mother in law named Catherine Thomas aka Kitty. He said he was raised by his uncle in Greenville WV after his parents were killed in Milan Italy which is where he claims he was born. He claims to be Catholic and have strong faith.He told me about a contract with Chevron, and running short on funds to do a cleanup in the gulf. Claims to not be able to send many pics of his job as it's against security. He started asking for small amounts of money which led to tens of thousands. Over all, he asked for $50k over four different times, all by wire.He is smooth, convincing and knows exactly what to say. Uses the terms Babe, Baby, Darling and Sweetie. That way he doesn't need to really remember your name as he has more than one girl going at a time. He even wrote me a promissory note. He will swear that he doesn't know who put these scam claims up about him when questioned, but he has several listed already. He will say his account has been hacked.This man is dangerous to your bank account and your heart. Nothing except lies. He has a Florida phone number, a Georgia number as well as a New York number. If he contacts you, run the other way. Don't be a fool like me.



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