Male Scammer David Elliseo

Scammer David Elliseo

E-mail: unknown
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First Name: David
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Davide, Davido, Davids
Phone: unknown

Reports :

Scam Report

Met him on Plenty of Fish two weeks ago. Immediately fell in love with me. Said all the thing a girl wants to hear. He made all the promises a girl wants to hear. Started talking about moving in together. Wanted to buy us a house. I told him never ask me for money. He promised. He said he was in Texas. The next week all of a sudden he is in Dubai. He then asked for 1,000.00 to get his payment check of 250,000.00. I told him no I didn't have it. He then tried again and asked for 300.00. I didn't send it. When I questioned why he said he was in Texas then changed it to Dubai he tried to tell he he was there all along. He said he love me and wants to be with me forever. He said he needs funds to be here because his daughter hates it there and he too hates it there. Ladies beware of him. He is smooth.



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