Male Scammer Allen Green

Scammer Allen Green

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First Name: Allen
Location [Address]: unknown

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He met me on craigslist under personals ads and we've been emailing for a couple of weeks. I question why his English was a little broken even though he said he was born in Virginia and went to TC Cleveland high school. He's had a really good answer to everything that's just the little things that I've questioned. He claims to be an ex-priest and he recently left the priesthood about three years ago but he's lived the last 25 years in Germany Cypress turkey Mexico as a priest. He started to say some things that question and I questioned and he got defensive. But then today he sent me some answers to a question I had about the church pastors on the differences of a priest. And what he sent to me was literally copied from an Internet post that I found literally verbatim. And he did not have an answer when I asked him if he copied it from the Internet. Then I questioned where his mom and dad had met because he told me they met in Michigan when his mom was a sales clerk at Wal-Mart. Well he was born in 1967 if he is 48 years old he says his birthday is July 10. And I looked when Wal-Mart had their stores in Michigan. They did not open their first store in Michigan until 1988. They were only in Arkansas in 1967 at the time he was born. So if his parents met at a Wal-Mart in Michigan before he was born then he's lying. I just have a lot of questions about emails he sent me and I have the mall if you need them. And I also wanted to give you his pictures as it's too good to be true.



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