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Male Scammer Robert Fernando

Scammer Robert Fernando


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Robert
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 54
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Bob, Robbert, Robbie, Roberts
Phone: 5877032254

Reports :

He approached me on POF dating site. A day later he asked me to use Whatsapp - 7th June 2019. A week later he said he was hopelessly in love with me. He said he'd been working on a huge project so he could retire - he was a freelance project manager - had been working on this big project for 6 months it was nearly complete. I tried to set up a meeting with him but he said he was too busy working to finish this project. He phoned me twice a day, txt daily and sent me loving emails. He even sent me 2 gifts - this made me think he was genuine. 30th June he said he had to go to Malta to present his project. 2 days later he said he got the contract worth 2.5 million and it would take 4 weeks once he had purchased his material. 2 days later he told me the bank had frozen his bank account and he needed to raise funds. He asked me to take out a loan - he was ?3000 short. Before I blocked him I tried to video call him several times to verify him but he declined those and said it did not connect.



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