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Male Scammer Mr melanie

Scammer Mr melanie


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First Name: Mr
Location [Address]: Company Name: M-TRADE AUSTRALIA Street

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Scam Report:

Please beware! DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN ! He goes by the Name of Mr.melanie. He is a love scammer. He contacts ladies on dating sites like Match and starts Skype conversations with them he gains their trust overtime and tells them that he loves them and they are beautiful, then after 1 month or 2 he will then create an elaborate story and beg them to send him money to help him out of trouble. He says he is from San Marcos in California and owns his own rice company called Dextile rice ltd. And yes he is very handsome and will use his looks to his advantage. I unfortunately was fooled by this man luckily he did not get any money from me. But when he did not get any money he started to be abusive and bombarded me with messages and calls every 15 mins And started stalking me and harassing me for money. Please ladies are be careful it is so easy to be taken inn by a man who is handsome and promises you the earth!!I believe he was working in a group of scammers that target vulnerable women. His scam nearly ruined my life!!It was horrible in the end being harassed and I hope this never happens to anyone else. He may have fake profiles on several dating sites with a different name.



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