Male Scammer Lyman Miller

Scammer Lyman Miller

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First Name: Lyman
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 43
Aka: unknown
Phone: unknown

Reports :

I have a profile on ourtime & I got an email from someone named Raymond who said that he had just married someone that he had met on our time and was on vacation in Canada to visit his friend Michael. He said Michael was a widower and had lost his wife to leukemia 8 years ago and that Michael was very lonely so he was trying to get him out there to meet someone so Raymond logged on to his old OurTime account and started showing Michael some profiles and he said Michael only liked mine and would I be kind enough to email him and give him a chance because Michael was very interested in me and he said I was more beautiful than anyone had seen on our time. So I emailed Michael and when he emailed me back the next morning he said that his name was William Michael Biermann and when I asked him if he preferred to be called Michael or William he said he preferred William. He said he had no idea that his friend Raymond had emailed me but he was very happy that he did.. I found that he was moving very quickly. Calling me baby after only 3 days of emailing. We did speak on the phone after a couple of days and it was a very strange connection and I asked him about it and he said it was just a bad connection. I asked him why he had a 603 area code which was based out of Kingston Ontario and he explained it was because of his business. Then one morning he sent me a good morning GIF and I noticed that it was from the website ding time or something like that and when I clicked on the link I read that anyone can sign up and get two free phone numbers which you can change anytime you want. You have the ability to record phone calls and send free text messages and make free phone calls all over the world. I was now suspicious of William so I search for a profile on Facebook and there's too many to go through so I Googled his name and I put scammer after it and lo and behold I found a letter from William to someone named Penny and she had posted it and the letter was identical word for word to what he sent me except for a few minor changes. He told her he had a 23 year old daughter who was studying microbiology in Australia. He told me he has a 30 year old daughter who is married and living in Australia. He told Penny that he was born in Serbia but spent most of his life in the US and he told me he was born in Serbia but spent most of his life in Canada. He told Penny it was his cousin who emailed her and he had no idea and he told me it was his friend Raymond who emailed me and he had no idea. He does like to send long e-mails and they are of a romantic nature. I could not believe that I was reading the very same email that he sent to me. We've talked on the phone a few times and he wanted to meet so we have a date scheduled for today at 4 p.m. and I'm just waiting to see what excuse he will use to cancel it. Someone needs to stop this man. He is using the death of a woman from leukemia to prey on women. He told me that he was 55 years old and I'm 53. He said he was born on March 26th 1964. He said he's from Serbia and Macedonia and he speaks Serbia as well as English. He said he has a dog named brugger. He said he has two sisters but he did not tell me their names. I don't know what he wants but this whole thing is just very creepy. When you log on to a website and the first thing you see is an email sent to someone else that was also sent to you from the same man, it's shocking! I'm going to let this play out until I can find out what he wants but I'm certainly not going to meet him today. He asked me to find a very classy place in my hometown but I told him that since he lives so close by he Oughta Know the town so I told him to find one! Well the Joke is on him because there are no classy places where I live LOL ;-) He sent me an e-mail this morning saying that he can't describe the way he feels about me because describing it would be like trying to describe the taste of water, it's impossible! He says even though it's only been a short while he's been looking for someone like me for a very long time. He's been lonely for so long and he thanks God that he found me Etc he also says that he is a devoted christian. He says that he is a self-employed engineer with a construction business. I was very close to the town where he said he says he lives yesterday and he called me and he was talking about planning a date for today so I told him that I I have to drive through his town to get home so why don't we meet this afternoon for coffee and he said he had to go to the hardware store to pick up materials. Does anyone know what he's after?



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