Male Scammer Kevin Williams

Scammer Kevin Williams

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First Name: Kevin
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I am IN SHOCK at how much of a scoundrel this idiot is I am livid !! Thankfully I was cautious enough to catch on and check on your site. But, he does have my address and ph number as well, and pictures of me and my boys ! I am just sick reading about all the money and gifts this creep has managed to escape with. I want this evil person to get jailed ! He popped out of nowhere on Match .com and kept chat requesting me persistently until I gave in. I can't believe he actually had me going. He asked for a cell phone on day 4. As soon as he asked I freaked out, but did not let on. He is under the impression I bought him a phone, and boy is he anxious to get it ! LOL. Anyway, I'm scamming him now. I wish I could speak with some of you. Im going to use the information listed on this site to do some reporting. I think I have his IP address too. Please put scammer in the subject. He posed as the same Lucas James from this site and called himself james, but gmail said Morgan James and james is on uniform. Claims to be in Kuwait, retiring soon. Said Aug 20 was BD. Claims to own a home in Austin, Tx. I am stringing him on in hopes of finding a way to catch him . If anyone is chatting with him now, as well, I wish we could chat about it.



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