Male Scammer Jeffrey Carter

Scammer Jeffrey Carter


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Jeffrey
Location [Address]: Jeffrey Carter Beverly Hills/California, Ghana Address to send money: Asare Rita, Accra/Ghana, Codeword: Molly

Reports :


He sends me a message on Instagram and we started to chat. He said that he is a widower from California and he has a 14 years old daughter and a 12 years old sun and that he is a business man who currently works in Saudi Arabia. He was interested in living in Germany and asked about the prices for apartments and where is the best place to live in Germany. We have chatted almost every day, but only a few messages. Then one day he made me a declaration of love, but I could see in the messages that he made copy & paste from another place because nobody can write so fast. I didn't comment his declaration and some days later he told me he wanted to buy me a gift. I gave him my office address, and then he wanted a mail address for the delivery service. Some hours later I received a delivery confirmation and they asked me for copies of my identity card. Of course I didn't send the copies, but I told Harris Smith, that they asked me for them. Then he sent me a video with the alleged gifts and he told me that he has also added an envelope with 20,000 $ that I could buy something nice for me. And he sent me also a copy of the delivery confirmation, but the form was full of errors. This was the point I have reported him on WhatsApp and I have blogged him on Instagram, but I couldn’t report him there, because there is no option for that. The profile is still active. The mail also contained a link with a tracking number of the package, but the delivery service wasn't a real company.



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