Male Scammer Jackson Hudson

Scammer Jackson Hudson

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First Name: Jackson
Location [Address]: That guy contacted a member on October 29, 2008 on The first lines showed: scammer. We tried to get the pictures of that guy and the IP. jack hudson (30.10.2009 19:16:44): you are beautiful jack hudson (30.10.2009 19:16:51): how are you my angel? ...... (30.10.2009 19:16:57): lol ...... (30.10.2009 19:17:04): good evening Jack ...... (30.10.2009 19:17:12): I am fine, thank you ...... (30.10.2009 19:17:15): and how are you? jack hudson (30.10.2009 19:17:29): before you say anything,

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I met Cole smith on OK cupid, After a couple of days he won a contract in India as he was an Engineer Contractor for Chevron USA, he told me his late wife was from Sydney and had died in a car accident 3 years ago, he had 2 grown girls that lived in England as they were both doctors. He asked me to fill out a form to be his beneficiary for him. We talked through face book messenger but he would never add me as a friend. He had asked me for money to help him out with equipment that he needed to be sent to him to finish the project $300.00. He was suppose to fly out to see me at Christmas and had asked me for $500.00 towards his air line ticket. The company Chevron had asked me to send them all my bank account details with passwords and secret passwords so that they could connect his account with mine. They wanted to know me visa card details and all the passwords information for that - I did not give them that as what they were asking would of given them full access to me bank account. Plus some other stuff too.



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