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Male Scammer Erin Gavino

Scammer Erin Gavino


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Erin
Location [Address]: 7812 South Evans Ave., Chicago, IL, USA Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 43
Aka: unknown
Phone: 8722163009

Reports :

Scam Report:

This guy poses as a civil engineer and an economist. Claims to have lived in England and attended the London School of Economics. Claims he has been divorced for 12 years and is estranged from his son. Claims parents are deceased and has no siblings. This guy preys on your vulnerabilities and is wuite good at it. He romances you for about 2 months before he asks for anything. He talks about being partners and buying gold in Accra Ghana and shipping to your home. Produces authentic looking documents from real shipping companies, also claims that he wants to send you money from his offshore bank account. He actually has you log into an authentic looking account with his password. It all looks legitimate. The entire time he had me searching for properties in California that was going to puchase with the money. He is very believable. I fell for it and became his latest victim. This guy uses his own pictures and I have been on video cam with him more than once. He now is pretending to be in a hospital in Malaysia with a life threatening heart condition. Up to this point he does NOT know that I fiqured him out. I have been playing along to try and get some PHOTOS of the REAL man behind the letters. Today he called on the webvam and IM me so I took some pictures of him as we chatted. They are attached. I also played along to find out what it was he would ask me for. Well he finally asked me to send hi $4500.00 TODAY. He told me to wire it to...UK London...under the name FRANCIS MORGAN, as you can see in the photo. These photos I believe to be the real person. Joined Christian mingle an Edward played the part of a very attentive suitor. Was leery because he was younger but he said he was looking for a woman settled who whould love the same things he did. Still he was not for coming with answering my questions an that made me even more leery. But after,two weeks,of,calls video calls an phone calls was beginning to think he might be for real. Was suppose to be from Sweden an had come to Mo after his wife died to make a new start. As his mother was from KC Kansas. But while on Skype found he was in Salt lake an that set off another round of being leery. But he said he worked for shell oil company an was headed out on the rig for five weeks.had been there a few days said he was working to get off so we could really be together. Had a daipughter suppose to be 13sent me a email.that was staying with her 80 yr old grandmother in.Ga. Then this week he tells me they are broke needs to borrow 600.00 dollars till he gits off the rig. An when told him did not have it he wanted me to borrow it would give me double that when he got back. Well needless to say he got very mad when told him sounded like ascam an would not do it. He said lots of things about trust an hurt but I still think it was a scam.



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