Male Scammer David Betman

Scammer David Betman

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He contacted me on Instagram. His first message just said hello and asked me how i was doing. I responded. He queried my location and I advised him I live in Australia. I asked him where he was located and claimed he was originally from California but was working in Syria with the United Nations. In his Instagram page he had posted a photo of himself in a hospital or treatment room Was sent a friend request on Face book from the name Katy Dos Santos so I accepted thinking this was someone who knew me. Turns out it was a guy (I believe he stole the name on Face book, the real Katy Dos Santos has a Face book page and is a female) He said he came across my profile and wanted to get to know me. We moved to Google Hangouts and when he sent a friend request there it was under the name Donald Biden. I immediately became suspicious and Google the name. All that would come up was President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I knew this guy was a scammer right off. He told me that he was a surgeon working under the United Nations and was stationed in Iran but was currently in Charlotte, NC where his son was in school. He wanted me to give him my phone number which I refused to do. I immediately blocked him from Google Hangouts and Face book because the information he gave me did not seem to be true and I believe he is a scammer. The name he used and the fact that he claims to work under the United Nations. I've had guys claim the same things and turned out scammers.



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