Female Scammer Yinka Smith

Yinka Smith

Female Scammer Yinka Smith

E-mail: shelley00000001@yahoo.com
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First Name: Yinka
Location [Address]: #32 martins street, Ketu, Lago Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:

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Glad to read your letter once again, Sam!!!!
"When I check my email and don't see new emails from you, I reread the old ones.Each time I find more meaning in them. Some words have a double meaning and the online translator offers a different one each time.Because of this, you cannot understand and feel my emotions and feelings I have for you.No words in the world are enough to express my affection for you. You have become dear and dear to me, I feel you.I am grateful to fate for making us meet.I sometimes envy myself. I couldn't dream that I would be interested in someone like you.You know, many would probably say that I'm banal and my girlish dreams have long gone out of fashion and are of no interest to anyone.But, in spite of everything, I still want to be myself, just the way nature made me. You want to know about my dreams I dream of meeting you. Maybe now is not the best time for that, the epidemic, my country is mired in war, almost all borders are closed. On the other hand it would be romantic if my dream came true. In spite of all the obstacles and adversities, we will make it through and end up together. I believe that.You have given me confidence, I feel needed. How pleasant that in this world I am not alone.I hope I am not wrong, and that you are sincere to me. But even if I am not, I thank you for the emotions that you give me I'll send you a picture from last year's harvest. We harvested wheat and made straw for bedding the animals for the winter.I wish you all the good things in the world. Your Yinka Smith."



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