Female Scammer victoria kondratyeva

victoria kondratyeva

Female Scammer victoria kondratyeva

E-mail: rachel@well-liked.net
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First Name: victoria
Location [Address]: Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Age: 30
Birth Date: 13/3/1990
Aliases: Vica, Vickky, Vicky

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"Hi.I'm was lucky enough to write to you, please excuse me beforehand if I'm had disturbed you. The
thing is that, I'm sick of being single and decided to try Net dating profile! I hope that this will be
a new page in my future lifetime. First of all,I'm will talk a little bit about me for know me better!
I hope, that the written exchanges between us will proceed, and you're wondered and read my e-
mail. I don't sure where to start my story. I'm never tried to describe to someone my person inthe letter earlier. I'm can describe my individuality as the solar, active, true person. I am a
friendly person though at the same time I'm a self-confident, person. I have typically like
heartiness straightforward and frankness. I expect you're interested, that our written exchanges
will not interrupt. In the next e-mail, I would like to read more about u, your way of life. I am
sending u my photo. I hope that u like it, and we can get closer.
Yours faithfully, Vika."



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