Female Scammer Victoria 


Female Scammer Victoria 

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First Name: Victoria
Location [Address]: unknown Zaporozhye (Ukraine)
Age: 20
Birth Date:
Aliases: Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victoriya

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Hello my dear friend Subash!!!

"I'm glad that you don't mind further communication with me.I look forward to reading your new letter and learning something new about you, hearing some story. It's so interesting to me.I had a normal boring day at work today and I hope that you are spending more interesting time than mine.The day starts the same way. Alarm clock, toothbrush, and toothpaste on it). Coffee, light breakfast. They say that breakfast should be dense, but I can't eat much in the morning. I usually walk to work, but the landscape is not the best for walking. But this way I keep myself in shape a little. Maybe one day we will meet and you will show me how to spend time in your country, what kinds of beauty you have. Well, it's just boring at work. Lunch at work, but if I don't have to stay on the night shift, then I go home, have dinner and go to bed. I'm having a so-so day. I guess you think so?) I hope that you will show me how to spend time, that someday we will meet. I think this is not a problem even in our difficult times, but first of all you and I have to get used to each other and this can be done in the process of communication. subash Surely it 's not difficult for you to write me at least one letter a day ? And we can meet a little later. subash and what are you cooking for yourself? Maybe friends come to you and you arrange an evening dinner. I usually do exercises at home. Sometimes I run if it's not too cold or rainy weather. I would go to the pool, but there is no time at all. For some reason I want to tell you all this. I can't stop right now. Please write to me more about yourself. Maybe you and I will really meet someday. Maybe you really are my destiny. But still, first of all, I want to make sure that my choice is correct. This shouldn't offend you, but I'm making plans for the rest of my life and I want to make sure that it's you who can make me a happy girl. I also hope that I can make you a happy man. At the moment, everything suits me and it's very good. And the long distance is just one of the difficulties for our meeting with you.I hope you have the same opinion. We have to focus on each other. Do you like your work,
life and the time you spend? Do you think you could spend the same time with me Now I do not know what else to add to my words. I hope you won't be offended by me, my dear. I wish you subash a pleasant evening. Victoria"



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