Female Scammer Tatyana Vershinina

Tatyana Vershinina

Female Scammer Tatyana Vershinina

E-mail: malvina_1_9_7_7@yahoo.com
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: unknown Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Darie, Dariya, Darja, Darya, D

Reports :

Letter 1She contacted me on the dating.com website and gave an email address at yahoo. Below are soem of the 27 or so letters she sent me. She only used my name in three of them. She needs to back to scamming school: Hello Leo !!!! I am very glad see your letter!!! I am glad that you have answered me and also as I want to continue our acquaintance. Sorry, that I could answer you earlier, I had some affairs. Now I have a free time and decided to write you. I am glad, that have found you on the Internet. I never got acquainted on the Internet. For me this new and nonknown. But I hope that our acquaintance will proceed and we shall enjoy it. I hope that you will answer me. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. Your new friend Tatyana. Hi, I have just come for work, And in my opinion I today will very difficult day...:) And how passes your working day? I hope that you not so are tired by work? Today at us remarkable weather when I went for work a star the bright sun, and was rather warm. Sang birds and all around was filled with a life.... I frequently see birds in the mornings when I go for work me to pass through park in which it is a lot of birds. In my city it is a lot of parks, and squares and other sights... Tell to me more about a place where do you live? And about the sights of your city. You have the good nature? Write to me, I shall wait from you the letter. Yours Tatyana. It again me! It is very a pity that between us there is a distinction in time! I think, that should inform at once to you some things concerning my character. I the romantic woman, and me am pleasant to read love novels and as I like to look films about love, about fine relations between the man and the woman. I would like to meet the same person in a life to live with him all life. But frequently such relations very quickly come to an end. I want to find the good person for serious relations, it is possible and for creation of family. I think, that the love is necessary for this purpose. While I have not met in the life Such person to whom I would decide to give myself and the life. Write please, what you think of it?? Tell to me what woman you dream To meet in the life? Excuse, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with the person with whom you are familiar only a few days. But me it is important for knowing to continue our acquaintance. Now I should work! I shall write later! Now I on work, And decided write you a letter as I promised.... :) I hope that you understand all letters which I write you? How my English language? I began study English when went to school, Then continued, when studied at university. Certainly I understand that my English is not ideal, Therefore I can understand not all your questions which you me ask. please don't take offence at me, you can ask me questions again and I shall try to answer you. I have some problems with grammar, but I can freely talk in English. I plan go for the profound rates studying English language to know English ideally. I know only 2 languages, English and Russian. And you studied other languages? Probably you know Russian a little? Write to me, I wait. Yours Tatyana. I wanted to ask as you concern to cats?? You like cats I very strongly love cats! At my place there is a cat! His name is Vasily!!! At night when I am cold I to put with myself a cat! She warms me also to me very pleasantly to sleep!! I always wanted to have many cats of a house! But at my mum an allergy on cats! Therefore at me only one cat! And you do not have allergy on cats?? On it I finish the letter! Today I am very tired and I want to sleep!! I shall write to you tomorrow before work!! Your friend Tatyana!! BAY-BAY!! Hello my dear Mike !!! Again I am glad see your letter. By way, last night it was rather cheerful. My girlfriend was glad my gift. First some hours were a celebratory supper, some glasses champagne. Then we had dances, many my girlfriends danced and kissed men. I even tested some envy to them, I was very sad without you. I recollected you, and thought as it was good if you would be with me beside. Also has gently embraced me and whispered gentle words on an ear.... And when you see love pairs you think of me? With you frequently try gets acquainted girls? Men frequently approach me with the purpose to get acquainted, but I himclearly let know that at me in him to fail to construct attitudes. And all these things suffer with me failure. I frequently think of you, And you should understand that my letters it not only words on a paper, Which I for you tell some things personal and I don't tell about it to each first comer person. But I trust you, I think that you as well as I search serious attitudes. And all letters which we write each other it not simply entertainments. I think that you became for me very much the close person to whom I can tell all.... I shall wait for your messages, and I shall think of you. Kiss for you XOXOXO. Yours Tatyana. Ok, first off, my name is not mike! so I wrote this letter to her: Hi Tatyana, Thanks for all of the photos and letters but as for me, I really don't have any more time to play this game with you. I know that this is a common scam to get money from men looking for European wives, but I really now need to find a real girl to share my life with. Don't get me wrong, it has been a lot of fun and you are a beautiful girl (if that really is you in the pictures). Thank you for photos, but you really should not play people for a living. It is wrong and can hurt someone very badly, not just by taking their money but playing with their emotions. How would you like it if someone did that to you? Don't you have feelings? I am a very smart and successful man who does not get played easily, but many other men are not, and can be badly hurt. They have come from bad relationships and really need someone in their life. This is what you exploit and only the worst kind of person would do this. You see, I am looking for an Eastern European wife because I want to, not because I need to. I am very successful here in the USA and can easily find women in my country any time I would like. I, however, have already traveled the world and have chosen to look around Europe to see if I can find the girl for me. I am going to Prague next month (I told you that in a letter you probably never read). I think actually going to Prague will be better than the internet. I know a girl in Prague so it should be easy to get around the city. Well, enough about me :) If those are your photos you should be able to find a man without lies and deceit and have a happy life. The way you are going about it, well, it makes me feel sorry for you because you are not a good person. How do you look at yourself in the mirror each day? Let me give you some advice. If you are going to scam people you are not trying hard enough and are making many mistakes. Let me show you: 1) You have written 26 emails to me but have only used my real name 3 times. All other letters are form letters with no names, only "hello my friend" or "It's me", or in most cases no introduction at all. Major warning flag. Use the persons name in every email or it looks very suspicious. You just sent me an email titled "My Love!!!" and then started the email "Hello my dear Mike". Too bad, that's not my name.....you made my day with that one. I'm still laughing :)) Every one of my letters is signed, Dan. Come on, it's not that difficult :) 2) You have sent the same exact emails to my other email address which I gave you, but you did not address the emails to me. Instead you used the name on that email address. Your not paying attention here. You really need to read the emails or your responses do not make sense. 3) The emails are generated at all times of the day and early in the morning. You say you are at work but it is 3:00am. You say yesterday was the weekend but the email was sent in the middle of the week. Maybe you are working with a group. You really should coordinate more. The times are way off from what you are saying. 4) You never answer any specific questions that I ask you. That is your biggest mistake. All emails from you could be written to anyone and it is very obvious. For instance, today you sent me an email titled "Today I reread all your letters!!!", well if you did then why did you not answer one of my questions in all of those letters? Or, even comment on anything I said in those letters or any of the photos I sent you? See, very very suspicious. Your not doing this scam very well! Maybe there are too many of you involved and you can't keep track of what each of you are writing to me. I don't know, but it makes no sense. 5) I also did the research and found that Ioshkar Ola is the number one, capital, of the Russian dating scams. Everyone is talking about it. I guess now I am a believer too. Stay away from Yoshkar Ola (Ioshkar Ola). You know the really funny thing? I'm laughing to myself right now because I'm writing this long email, and I'm pretty sure that nobody is ever going to read it :))) It will probably be logged into one of your computers and a generic response will be sent to me. Ah, life is so interesting, isn't it :) Bye-Bye DAN not mike, DAN. For Gods sake, get it right this time :) then she wrote: fack off!!! to which I replied: No, no , no....... you still don't get it. If your going to scam good, hard working people ot of ther money you must learn how to spell in english, now let's get it right.....whoever you really are....... FUCK OFF!!!



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