Female Scammer Tatyana Osokina

Tatyana Osokina

Female Scammer Tatyana Osokina

E-mail: best2005female@yandex.ru
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: Russia, Tatarstan republic, 42 Arsk (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tanechka, Tani, Tantana, Tanus

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Hello again, my love.Now I have some free time to write to you. All day I cannot forget about the experience about your phone call. Constantly thinking about why you could not reach me and it turned out that it was not you who was to blame, but my telephone connection. I recently phoned my carrier here in Kirov and asked the operator to explain to me the problem that you could not contact me. At first, I thought that maybe there was just a mistake in the communication network, but the female operator at my question told me that my number service was only in Russia and therefore you could not reach me. I am not very good at understanding all this and what she told me, I did not immediately understand. Of course I asked her to explain everything to me and this is what this woman told me. She told me that in Russia there are two types of communication. There are telephone communications for receiving international calls and there are also communications that are serviced only in Russia. My own connection belongs to the second category, which means I can receive and send calls only within Russia. International calls are not available for me and my connection is to blame for all this. Jay my dear, I am insanely not comfortable in front of you, since I encouraged you by a telephone conversation. I also very much wanted to speak with you and wanted to hear your voice for the first time, but until today I didn't know that the service of my number is only in Russia. If I knew about this, I would immediately tell you about it, but I didn't know about it and now I can only apologize for the fact that I gave you a phone call. I hope you are not very upset? Jay please don't be upset. I promise you that I will think of something. For example, I can call you myself. Here in Kirov there are many call centers, from where you can call from any part of the world. If you wish, then I can try to call you from there. Only I ask you to write me your mobile number where I can always call you. I do not promise now, but if I have less work tomorrow, I will try to get rid of work earlier and call you tomorrow. Or, if I do not have time, then wait for my call only on the weekend. Negotiation points here in Kirov, so I cannot call you during working hours. Therefore, I do not know exactly when I can call you. But I will do it right away as I will have free time from my work. Jay I promise you to try to do everything to call you on the phone soon.I have an old phone and there are no applications. Jay is my love, today I am not in a very good mood because of this misunderstanding with a telephone conversation with you and the only thing that improves my mood now is your answer for our meeting. My God, you do not realize how glad I am now that you also wish to meet me soon. I don't even have enough words to convey all the joy and I can only tell you now that I am “Happy.” Jay it will be an unforgettable vacation for me. Never before have had I felt anything like it, but with you I feel that I am in love. Maybe I'm in a hurry with my conclusions now, but I cannot do otherwise. I cannot write to you about this, because I want to be honest with you. Honesty is the first step to love and understanding, and I promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always remember this promise and see the heavens that these words come from my heart. Jay now I will know that you are waiting for me at home and I will be in a hurry to organize my arrival to you. Do not worry about expenses. My arrival to you I pay myself and you should not even think about it. I would not let you pay for me, although many Russian women want this. You will find that I am unique and that I am different from all other women. I can be faithful, I can love a single man all my life and most likely this man is you. Remember, I wrote to you earlier in a letter that for each person in this world their second half is defined? It seems to me that you are my second half. I love you my half.Jay my hour break has passed. My colleagues have already begun work, but I'm still writing you a letter. I think it's time to stop, as I still have a lot of work today. So, at the end of my letter, I just want to tell you that I will look forward to your reply letter. Please don't be silent on me and email me soon. With love your Claire.



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