Female Scammer Alina 


Female Scammer Alina 

E-mail: alyushkaaa@yandex.ru
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First Name: Alina
Location [Address]: unknown Erevan (Armenia)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alinka, Alya, Alyna, Alynka

Reports :

Hello, today I waited all day long just to be alone at work and alone to write you a letter. In the morning it is very noisy and very difficult to write letters. I read your letter in the morning, but I decided to reply now, because in silence it is much better to do it. Nobody bothers me and I can write everything I want to tell you.I miss you crazy. But do you miss Jay at least a little? Thinking about me about meeting me? Maybe you have any special thoughts about our meeting?. I understand the human needs and I, too, is not iron. Every person ever dreams of having sex with a loved one and should not be shy. Personally, I think nothing against it. It used to be the rules that, before marriage, a woman should not make love to a man. Now is the 21st century and there is freedom of choice. You agree with me? With these words, Jay, I cannot promise you that I will be ready to make love to you on the very first day. I am a decent woman and I must first be confident in you. Do you understand what I want to tell you? Let's not think about it at all. Let life itself show us what's next, ok.Jay is now the news. I did not warn you about this in my past letter, but I myself decided, and today I was already at a travel agency. I have to plan my arrival to you and therefore I decided to go there to write later about the news. In a travel agency today, I met with a woman who handles paperwork for various trips. Today I asked her to explain to me how it would be easier for me to travel to your country. That woman agent told me that it would be easiest for me to travel to you as a tourist. That is, I need to make a tourist visa and then they can arrange for me to travel to you on a tourist visa. To do this, I need to conclude an agreement with them for the paperwork and also collect for them the documents that they will need to process my visa. I was told that it is best to make a Schengen visa, since with this visa you can even then travel to all countries of the Schengen agreement. The visa itself costs $ 100, plus a $ 150 consular fee at your embassy. I will also need medical insurance - $ 2 per day ($ 60 per month) and travel agency services: $ 200. In general, it turns out $ 510 for documents and for a visa. Jay I think it is not very expensive. You agree with me? By the way, the agent also told me that it would take about 5-7 days to process documents for a visa. After that, they will send my documents to your embassy for review. Your embassy will check my documents and if all goes well, your embassy will issue me a visa. Maybe I had to first think about all this, but I had already decided for myself and therefore, at the suggestion of an agent, I immediately signed an agreement with them for the paperwork for my arrival and visa. Today, I filled out all the necessary documents for the contract and even sent copies of my documents that will be needed for a visa. So my arrival to you is already predetermined and you can meet me already this month. Jay I hope this is good news for you?On all the news, my agent will inform me, but I, in turn, will report the news to you. So, together with you, we will prepare my journey and you will know about my every step.Jay itself I can't believe now that in a short time I can already see you live. I now have the feeling that my deepest dream is coming true. In my previous life before you, I did not think that I would ever meet a man whom I will truly love. I thought that love is just a fiction of people, but after meeting you, I sincerely, with all my heart, loved you. I try to believe that my heart will not be broken with you ever. Please, just do not break my heart ever. Without you I can no longer live and this is my promise to you for the rest of my life. Remember this.Jay it is difficult for me to interrupt my letter now and I would like to write to you a lot and a lot. All that I want to tell you about my love will not even go down in the memory of this computer. It is best to wait for the day of our meeting and then I can say and even show everything that I feel to you. Now I have to go to work. My love, I wish you a good night and goodbye in a dream. Figuratively, I invite you to my dream, where all our dreams can come true. I will dream of you today in a dream. Yours Mary.



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