Female Scammer Tacey Godwill

Tacey Godwill

Female Scammer Tacey Godwill

E-mail: tacey200@yahoo.com
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First Name: Tacey
Location [Address]: unknown Dakar (Senegal)
Age: 22
Birth Date:

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she says has from Sweden so that is why she has a heavy accent lives in Linn Oregon, moved from Los Angeles a year ago- from Sweden 6 years ago says she owns an Architect firm and works from home she started right off asking me to not talk with others on POF also called my Honey, sweetheart in only a few texts her face book page says she lives in New Jersey - I asked if she lived on the east coast at any time, she said no! she got upset when I did not take her calls while I was out with a friend we were to talk that evening and she did not call and has not since I think she knew i was on to her I did a search on her phone number and could not get any information.



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