Female Scammer Svetlana Komovich

Svetlana Komovich

Female Scammer Svetlana Komovich

E-mail: vitebsc@mail.ru
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First Name: Svetlana
Location [Address]: unknown Smolensk (Russia); Vitebsk (B
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Christina, Cristina, Khrystyna

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Hello my dear friend !!! Here again a few days after my last letter to you. Are you probably waiting and hoping to see a letter from me sooner? Please excuse me for lingering to you with my answer. I'm very ashamed of this, but on the other hand, I simply did not have free time to write to you. Please understand and do not be angry with me because of this, ok.So, Jay, how is your day today? What is your mood, state of health? Is it all right there with you? Personally, my mood today is good and this is not only because I have less work. I would say that my mood increased more because I finally was able to see and read your long-awaited letter again. Jay to be honest, I was very much looking forward to your letter. I know that we are very little acquainted, but when I see your letter, my mood immediately rises and a smile appear on my face. I do not lie to you now and it really is. I do not understand why this happens to me, but maybe it's because we are getting closer to each other? Jay with you there is nothing like this? Do not you have a smile on your face when you get my letter? To be honest, I would like you to rejoice in my answer and hope that my letters will always cheer you up.Picture that you send me raises my spirits to heaven, I want to thank you for it, do not stop sending me your beautiful, Lovely photo.Jay in my letters I already wrote to you about my search and also about how seriously I treat it. But I did not write to you why I'm looking for a man from a different country, not from Russia. I'm sure you are interested in the answer to this question, so I would like to write a little about this in this letter. Remember in the past my letter I wrote to you that I already burned in love with a man? This is true, but I did not tell you the details. Now we are much closer with you and so today I decided to admit my past relationship with a man. My ex-man was called Dmitry. He is also from the city of Kirov and we met on the street. On the first day of our meeting he liked me and I immediately gave him my phone number. He started to call me in the evenings and we talked for hours on the phone with him. I did not notice how I got used to it and when he could not call me in the evenings, I really missed him. Sometimes in the evenings I held the phone in my hand and prayed that he would only call me. I missed him, I got used to it through these phone conversations and a love for him broke out in me. He himself worked in the police here in Kirov. He was the inspector of the central department for the title of captain. Over time, we began to meet with him more often and finally decided to live together. He moved to my apartment and everything was fine with us. Was I happy? Maybe yes. At least the first year I was happy with him, but then everything changed. He began to drink more and more vodka, to walk with other women, and I forgave him as a fool. But one day my patience came to an end and I told him that everything was over between us. I told him that I do not need a man who does not put me in anything. I told him that I'm not a toy and that I have a heart. He told me in return that I myself would come to him and left me. It hurt my heart, but I told myself that everything was over with him and did not go to him. At that time, I was very afraid of accidentally meeting him anywhere on the street. I did not want to see him because I was afraid of these memories. I did not go to the street where we once met with him for the first time, but then I learned the news about him. Once on the street, I met our common acquaintance with a woman. We talked with her and she informed me that he had left the city for good. It turned out that he was expelled from work for drunkenness and after that he left Kirov. Of course I was sorry for him, because he was a smart, decent man. But vodka spoiled it and his whole life went somersault. After these relationships, I told myself that I will not be bound to a Russian man anymore and I will never give my phone number until I'm sure of my partner. After all, this relationship began precisely because of these constant conversations on the phone and that's why I now have the principle of not giving a phone number immediately to anyone. I'm just afraid of getting used to it again and all the more I do not want to repeat the old mistakes. It is because of this that I now do not give you my phone number and I hope that you understand me. You know Jay, the time will come when we will freely communicate on the phone or even in a chat. You just have to wait a little and give me time to be confident in you. I'm actually very pleased that we have correspondence with you and of course I would not want to lose contact with you. You have already become a little expensive for me, but it's still early for phone conversations. I ask you to be patient and very soon I will leave my principles. I'm just not ready for this yet, but I hope that soon I will take off these shackles of my principle. I hope you can understand me.Well, it turned out to be a sincere letter and it even made me feel better. I hope you appreciate my sincerity and just write me about your last relationship in more detail.On this I finish my letter and now I will wait for your reply. I will be waiting for your early reply.Sincerely your Svetlana.



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