Female Scammer Marina Vidyakina

Marina Vidyakina

Female Scammer Marina Vidyakina

E-mail: Marina_xel@mail.ru
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First Name: Marina
Location [Address]: Russia, Mari-El, 424000, Yoshk Sorochino (Russia); Yoshkar-O
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Helga, Lelya, Marinka, Marinoc

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Hello my sweet heart is Jay.Jay how is your day today? How are you feeling, mood? Did you miss me, or did you rather forget about me? Do not be angry, this is just a joke question. Of course, I know and feel that you missed me. I myself also missed you very much, but unfortunately yesterday I could not write to you because I had a lot of work. Today I also had a hard day, I worked almost without lunch, and now, at the end of the working day, I decided to write you this letter. By the way, my colleague is sitting right in front of me and she asks me to tell you Hello....So take hello from her. I told her about you and that we correspond with you and she says it's great. It seems to me that she is a little jealous of me, but this is only between us, ok.Jay if you tell me that I did not expect your letter, then this would not be true. I was very much waiting for your letter and in particular this is because of your answer to my question, which I asked you in the last letter. Jay in the past of my letter I wrote to you about the meeting and even invited you to come to me in Kirov. Yes, it would be great to arrange our first meeting in Kirov, but today I have not very good news about this and with tears in my eyes I want to inform you about it. Jay remembers, I wrote to you in my letter that I would be glad to meet you in my apartment? I also wrote to you that I have free room for you, where could you live with me? Do you remember these words from my letter? Yes, this is indeed the case and to be honest, I will not refuse to meet you at my place. I want to meet you here in Kirov, but yesterday my parents called me and told me the news, which upset me and also followed the occasion for my refusal to you today about meeting here in Kirov. My mother told me yesterday by phone that they and my dad decided to sell their old apartment and asked me to shelter them for a while in my house. She said that their old apartment was already beginning to collapse, and so they decided to urgently change it to a newer apartment. She asked me to shelter them for a while, until they sell their old apartment and buy another newer one. I could not refuse them and I do not even know how long they will move to me. Jay excuses me, I do not want to give up my words about the meeting, but at the moment I cannot receive you in my apartment. I hurt to write this to you to tears, but I hope that you will understand me. Jay I have another idea now for you. Our meeting with you in Kirov is now postponed, but maybe we could arrange our meeting with you then? What do you think about it? I know that it is not proper for a woman to offer this herself, but my desire to meet with you is stronger than me and therefore I myself offer you this. Please tell me, do you agree? If you agree, you will bring me back to life. These words are figuratively. I wanted to say that you will please me and give me hope for a meeting. Please do not refuse me, I do not want to wait any longer and, if possible, I want to meet with you in reality rather. By the way, I already talked to my boss at work for our meeting and she agreed to give me an urgent vacation for one month. I think that this period of time would be the best time for our meeting. What are your thoughts on this? Please do not refuse me give me your positive reply soon. Jay until today I could not decide to give you my phone number, because I was afraid to get used to you so soon. But it turned out that this happened even without a telephone conversation. So now I see no reason to hide my phone number from you and today in this letter I decided to write you my number so that you could call me. Jay here is my mobile number + 7-972-091-82-32my dear, I cannot wait to hear your voice soon, so I ask you to call me as soon as you can. So it would be great if you could call me.So, now I'm left with anxious heart to wait for your letter and of course your phone call. Today, after 9 o'clock in the evening, I will constantly hold my phone in my hands so as not to miss your call. I really hope that by 9 pm you will read my letter and call me. With love, your girl friend Marina.



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