Female Scammer Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Female Scammer Sarah Jones

E-mail: sarah_jon60@yahoo.com
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First Name: Sarah
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:

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Hi dear Uli!

"I have decided to go in internet cafe after work to write to you. I am very pleased, that you did not ignore my letter. Now I shall speak more about myself. In the person I appreciate first of all honesty, decency, purposefulness. I was never married. Children I have no. Sometimes I visit church, but not frequently very much to want to find to itself the correct person for creation of family. This person you can will? I think, that time will show. I to want to develop with you relations and I hope for reciprocity. There can be at us with you something it will turn out??? How you think??? I very much would like, that our letters were not simple words. Inform me more concerning you. Than you are borrowed at leisure? Inform concerning work. It is very interesting to me more to learn you. And what weather at you? It is very interesting to me because I never was outside of the country. Though I very much like to travel. I in life had not many men, and the longest relations last approximately 3 years, having dug relations has taken place for the reason that I have learned that my former the man was dishonest with me. Thank for photos, I liked them to observe very much and you to look wonderfully. Now I should go home to have a rest. I wait for your letter. Yours faithfully Sarah Jones."



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