Female Scammer Rimma Safonova

Rimma Safonova

Female Scammer Rimma Safonova

E-mail: safonovarima@ukr.net
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First Name: Rimma
Location [Address]: Pavlova Street 3, Kozyatin Cit Kozyatin (Ukraine); Vinnitsa
Age: 22
Birth Date:
Aliases: Rima

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Hi again, my friend Stan!
"To tell you the truth I am very pleased that you answered me back so quickly, because I waited your answer with impations!.I still can't get used that that quick internet letters! It seems unbelievable that only a few years ago people wrote letters in hand and waited the answer for weeks! By the way in Russia the internet post is still not very widely spread and I myself write letters to some of me old friends by usual mail. But this is great that I can get the answer from you in no time. and I hope that if we will go on like that we will manage to know each other very good! :).In this letter I will try to tell you a bit more about myself. So what are the usual things the unknown people ask each other? probably about the hobby... well, I can't tell that I have some particular hobby, the ocupation to which I would devote all my free time... I am pretty busy at work and to tell the truth I am so tired after it that I have no time on something but to go to bed and preapare something to eat and to read a nice book. Oh, and I like to cook very much! My Mother is very fussy about foods we eat and she teached me cook very well. My Mother is a teacher, she works with small children as well we me. we have something in common in the professions:)I hope that I express myself quite clearly????).Well and on this I will finish this letter and I will start witing your answer! please, write me as much as you can about you because I am interested in every detail of your life! of cause if you want to!will come here tomorrow and hope to see your reply! bye Take care Rimma Safonova."



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