Female Scammer Diana Sekova

Diana Sekova

Female Scammer Diana Sekova

E-mail: dianasekova@yandex.ru
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First Name: Diana
Location [Address]: unknown Moscow (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Daina, Diane, Dianna

Reports :

"Good Day, how is your day? I am a girl. The most beautiful place which I visited. I am 27. I speak Spanish without problems. These days I have begun to observe how precipitously my this world is expiring... Yes, I am now remote from old age, but on the other hand, my current life does not make me feel satisfied. And the main reason for this is my being single, the lack of a second half with whom I would like to be with the rest of my life. Yes, I can be sure that if I meet such a man whom I love, and that feeling is mutual, then I will be safe for my entire existence. And these are not empty sounds, they are my principles! So I decided to take the first step and try to find online solitaire. Besides, I have no luck with our men. I guess we are in a different mindset. So I prefer something different in my life. If you like me, reply me soon : dianasekova@yandex.ru. I'll wait. Hugs and kisses. Diana Sekova."



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