Female Scammer Polina Terentjeva

Polina Terentjeva

Female Scammer Polina Terentjeva

E-mail: polyinyshka@yandex.ru
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First Name: Polina
Location [Address]: Ukraine, Nikolaev, Kirova str. Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Age: 25
Birth Date:
Aliases: Polia, Polinka, Polinna, Polin

Reports :

Hi my sweet! Dear I want to tell you I went to western union and I couldn't get your trasnfer. They said about some problems and asked me about you to resend your transfer one more time and they said I can get it, I don't know what was wrong exactly but please get back your trasnfer and resend it again ok? I love you and hope for you my dear! I want to meet you so badly! My work day is over and I write you from internet cafe. It is an evening here and I feel very tired Kristina. But when I begin to think about you my tiredness is going away! Yes Kristina, before I'll get time for my vacation I have to end all my affairs. So I have to hurry! My boss is not very glad to let me go right now because no one can substitute me fully. I think that after day or two I'll be completely free for the whole month! I'm happy doubly because almost all these days I'll spend with you my beloved Kristina! I went to my mom this evening and we discussed all things about my travel plans. She told me to be very careful with my stuff and money because there are so many cruel man over here. What about your country Kristina? Do you have alike situation there? Can you tell me what kind of clothing I have to wear in travel? What is the temperature there? Do you wish to see me in a dress or in the jeans? I'm very curious! I'm always thinking about our first meeting... what it will look like?! I hope it will be great Wayne! Don't you think the same?! I dream that we'll embrace and give a long passionate kiss to each other! My girlfriends envy me a little. Do you know why? Because I've found the most admirable man all over the world! Yes he is you Wayne! I am so happy, you can't imagine! I love you Wayne more than life if it is possible! I can't understand how I lived without you all these years! I'm sure that my feelings were not so strong as right now Wayne!I swear to you! Please tell what are your thoughts Ruth. Well I have to finish for now - it is really late. I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll have a hard day. I hope it will be the last before my vacation! With much love yours Ruth!



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