Female Scammer Oksana Komarova

Oksana Komarova

Female Scammer Oksana Komarova

E-mail: oksana_russia@mail.ru
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First Name: Oksana
Location [Address]: 43/1 Gorkovskoe Shosse, Kazan, Kazan (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Kensij, Ksusha, Ksushka, Ksyus

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Scam Report

This woman purported to me that she was a white man living in Arizona after her divorce 4 years ago. I asked why her profile on the dating site said Edgerton, Wiscosin and she replied it was because of divorce settlement and now she is living in Arizona. To shorten the story, after several messages she asked me to go onto Hangouts (Google) which I did. We had several further messages then she sent me an email to my private address (along with an attached photo). This photo is supposedly of a safe (in places unknown) filled with gold bars. Said if I contact the email address she enclosed, I would be paid $200.000.As I had already told her I was a Widow and finding times hard, I decided to contact the email address she gave me, which was supposedly a 'Diplomat' that could bring one gold bar into the country(Australia) under Diplomatic Immunity. I was told the bar was worth $500,000 and the 'Diplomat' would receive 60% for his part. When I contacted the given address of this so-called 'diplomat', I got a brief reply to send $A3,500 to Moneygram. Obviously, I did not do any such thing. The email address of the so-called 'Diplomat' is honestabbey555@gmail.com I noticed on her reply to instruct the forwarding of this money that on the email header it came from a stylyn honest-abbey. I got back to Curtis Albright she and said that I wasn't interested and not to contact me anymore.



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