Female Scammer Blessing Scott

Blessing Scott

Female Scammer Blessing Scott

E-mail: Blessingscott@in.com
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First Name: Blessing
Location [Address]: unknown Cotonou (Benin)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Blessed

Reports :

Salutation dear friend, I'm was lucky enough to write to u, please excuse me previously if I'm had bothered you. In fact, I am tired of being alone and chose to try Internet dating web site! I want that this act will be a new page in my future life. So,to know me better I'm will tell a little bit about my person! I want, that the written exchanges between us will not interrupt, and you're interested and open my letter. I don't sure how to begin my story. I am never tried to tell to somebody my individuality in the mail before this moment. I'm can describe my person as the sunny, energetic, true person. I'm a open person though at the same time I'm a certain, woman. I 've usually admired candid outspoken and frankness. I expect you are interested, that our written exchanges will not interrupt. In a future e-mail, I want to know more about u, your way of life. I'm sending u my photo. I want that u like it, and we can get closer to each other.
If you are interested in me Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox: jeanlaplante@yahoo.com
Sincerely, Kate."



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