Female Scammer Natalia Kerillova

Natalia Kerillova

Female Scammer Natalia Kerillova

E-mail: White_Kitty@etabank.com
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First Name: Natalia
Location [Address]: Russia, 175400, Novgorod area, Cotonou (Benin); Valday (Russ
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nata, Natali, Nataliya, Natalo

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Scammer Scenario

Wants to to go to hangout to talk. Told her no. Said she sold her phone to pay bills. Two weeks later has a phone that she says only texts can't send pictures or call. she said she is stranded in Amsterdam and needs 100.00 Amazon card to pay re-issue of airline ticket. I said no. she begged and begged. she then said her daughter was CRYING and want to come meet him new mom. I told her no. she demanded me go get the Amazon card value 100.00 I told her no. She then asked what name I use in my credit card. I told her I don't have a credit card. She is a scammer all the way around. Beware men’s her cute dimples may fool some but not me.



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