Female Scammer Nadezhda 


Female Scammer Nadezhda 

E-mail: milaja.kazjavka@gmail.com
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First Name: Nadezhda
Location [Address]: unknown Zelenodolsk (Russia)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nada, Nadejda, Nadenka, Nadia,

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Hi my only love in the world John!!!
My love, I really really miss you and I want to very quickly be in your open arms. I love you very very much and miss you. My love, I have good news, but I have some very worried, but I hope that when you read this letter you will help me. Today I went to the passport and visa service, and recognize if I leave to you. I was given several forms that I have to fill. After I filled them and gave, I was told the answer. I was told that I have no problem can leave the country because I have not any limitations. So to go to you, I need only the necessary documents. I was told that all travel documents are made through travel agencies. Then I went to the travel agency. My love, I talked a lot with the manager of a travel agency. So that I could go to you I need a tourist visa and passport.She said that these documents are made within two weeks and then I can easily come to you, even for three months and I asked so I started to do all the necessary documents and a ticket. My love, I was very pleased that we can finally be together, to talk, in reality, to embrace each other and kiss.At that moment I thought only of our meeting. My love when the manager told me that all these documents are 400 dollars, I was very very disappointed because I do not have so much money.My love after the travel agency, I decided to go to his friends and acquaintances as to ask for their help.My mother gave me 15 dollars, it was all her savings as she retired and all its money is going life.My love is based on my savings I have collected only 100 dollars.My love is to me is not very convenient to do it, but I am asking for help from you, my love, I know you're a gentleman and did not deny me. My love, I very much hope that you will help me and then I'll come to you, and we will finally together. My love is so to pay my visa and passport I need only 300 dollars.My love, I know you also want this meeting and I hope that you'll help as soon as possible of the money so that I could pay for all the documents. My love I am very much worried about right now because I have to pay for them for one week.As I already very much want to kiss you in your tender lips. If only I had wings, I would long ago have been in your open arms, why we are not birds.My love this is so wonderful when I finally come to you. I look forward to that moment when you'll meet me at the airport.I run up to you and will be the longest kiss in the world.It is a great joy that our feelings of love reciprocated. You and I will create a good serious and real relationship. I feel so exciting, knowing that I've got you. You're my real love. When I'm in your hands, you will see all of my love for you. I also really want to feel your love for me. You are the love of my life, and I cannot bear to be away from you any longer. I want us to be together as soon as possible so that we can start our life together. I want to hold you, kiss you, and show you how much I love you in person. Please understand that I am not asking for this lightly, and it pains me to have to ask you for help. But I know that you are the only one who can help me in this situation, and I am hoping that you can find it in your heart to do so. My love, I know you are a true gentleman, and I am hopeful that you will help me. I am eagerly looking forward to the moment when we can finally be together, to hold each other in our arms and share our love in person. Please let me know your answer as soon as possible, as time is running out, and I need to pay for the in one week. I cannot wait to feel your loving embrace and to show you how much I love you. Yours forever and always, Nadezhda .



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