Female Scammer Maria Stefania Axante

Maria Stefania Axante

Female Scammer Maria Stefania Axante

E-mail: steffy232003@yahoo.com
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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: Romania, Bukarest, Str Mihai B Bucuresti (Romania)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Maha, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah,

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Scam Report

Says she is a lawyer dealing with inheritance. Said she was born in Holland and her father was American but father died when she was small. Says her mother lives in Holland whereas both her Mother and Father are Nigerian as she is. Has scammed thousands of? Out of m, had stolen money paid in my bank accounts from various places saying it was her money. This all then got sent to her, over a year or so. She is on many dating sites with her picture as a white woman; also there is a facebook page with same picture. First contact was when she said she was in Liverpool UK and needed to fly to Nigeria. she had me send money to a so called Friend in Nigeria for court fees. In total sent to her is about? 90,000 much of which was stolen money she had paid into my bank account.



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