Female Scammer Maria Bushueva

Maria Bushueva

Female Scammer Maria Bushueva

E-mail: mariyakotnok@yahoo.fr
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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: unknown Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Maha, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah,

Reports :

Have a nice day and thank you for your letter to me.What you wrote me sounds good.
I only saw your message once, after which you disappeared somewhereI want to greet you in a photo, for thisI take a photo of myself and send you photo of myself so that you know who you are replying to I would be very glad if you could send me your photo here. I still want to ask you Where are you from and how old are you is my real name Maria Bushueva.That name Maria, This is your nickname What's your real name Can you send me your cell phone number then we can communicate on WhatsApp Hopefully you also want to go on and who knows what is to come But first you better send here answer
Maria Bushueva



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