Female Scammer Lubov Maltseva

Lubov Maltseva

Female Scammer Lubov Maltseva

E-mail: lubovamos@yahoo.com
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First Name: Lubov
Location [Address]: unknown Vladimir (Russia)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Liubov, Ljuba, Ljubasha, Ljubo

Reports :

"I was looking forward to your letter. Jack and I miss you as always you. You were on my mind all the time. And you know, now I don't have I doubt that we will be fine. I understand what your loved ones think.Jack but for me it is only your opinion matters. Because I fall in love with you. And other people can say what they want. When we are together, I believe only you and your words. You know, I keep thinking about our meeting. Jack and I figured one important thing. It is important to me that you are glad to see me. Will you be glad to see me? Do you kiss and hug me? Will you hold my hand and smile for me? You I want it? I do. Jack I want to feel your love and tenderness.And I hope your heart wants it too. Jack We were chatting with friends yesterday. And everyone speaks with one voice that we need to meet. My mom said the same. Everybody wants it We met. They say that only when they meet they will understand. Whether we are happy or not. Steve I think we will. In my free time I know everything about it. I hope your day is amazing. And I believe you have a wonderful dream.Steve I will dream of you again. My best friends said if you believe in dreams, they will become reality. And I believe in it. Jack you We look forward to your letter as soon as possible. Steve I enjoy reading your sincerity is responsible. And I send my kiss in a letter.I hope you understand and take it to bed with you.KISS! I miss .... And is waiting for you.Your tender and missing you Lubov Maltseva."



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