Female Scammer Lina Williams

Lina Williams

Female Scammer Lina Williams

E-mail: williams_linda@yahoo.com
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First Name: Lina
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Liina, Lynda

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Hello Richard!!!!

"Thanks for the answer. I'm glad you keep answering me. So we have a chance to develop relations. I love watching sports. I like running. This allows you to be healthy and keep your body in shape. When it gets warm, I run outside. When it's winter and cold outside, I turn on music at home and jump. I don't understand when people send **** pictures to each other. Sorry to bring this to your attention again, but I do not want my acquaintance to be in vain again. I already got a photo of the ***** and I was asked to take a **** photo, of course I did not. Because I don't know enough and they'll never take **** pictures. I'll send you pictures in underwear one day if everything goes well between us. Please tell me how do you feel about sports? Do you like football? I like to watch football with my father, by the way, he is a children's football coach.I spend most of my free time at home, reading or watching TV. I love romance and adventure. I like different kinds of music. I think in the following way. There is no bad style of music, there are bad performers. Therefore, in each musical genre there are interesting songs and musical accompaniment. I used to love to chat with my friends, and we often went for a walk and came back very late. But one day I didn't like it anymore. And I realized that if you hide, you will find out who you really care about. It turned out that no one needed me. It was very sad. If you stop having fun with your friends and want to start adulthood, then they start to reject you. I have always been told that I am wiser than my peers. I had one friend who wanted to become a photographer, but then changed her mind. She trained on me, so I got some very beautiful photos. But lately she's started to drift away from me too. How do you spend your leisure time? Probably with the guys at the bar? How often do you see your friends? Many friends? How are you doing with women I do not know how to describe my character, but I am a straightforward woman and sometimes I do not choose words, very often I say everything that I think. Not everyone likes it, because people for the most part adore flattery, not frankness. In people, I also appreciate directness and honesty, and I feel bad if I suddenly find out that a person has lied to me. What qualities do you like in people? What is the most important thing in a woman for you in the first place? For me, the main thing is that a person be kind. Someone who could take care of others. For a man to be himself and accept me for who I am, and not try to change me. Do you like cats? Or dogs Well, now I bombarded you with questions.I hope that you were able to read my letter to the end and that I interested you even more. I'll be glad to see the answer."



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