Female Scammer Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown

Female Scammer Jennifer Brown

E-mail: jenniffer_brown@yahoo.com
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First Name: Jennifer
Location [Address]: Ring Tree Avenu Box 78, Agona Accra (Ghana); Agona Kwanyako
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, J

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A very clever scammer who is very believable in her texts, I really had to go to the lowest forms of conversation with her to ensure that I was talking to a scammer so I apologise for the most crude texts in our chat but it was necessary. She starts with the usual, had a bad romance, age doesn't matter and then really is a sweet lady, full of charm and love. She says she is a sculptor. She says that she wants to come to Brazil on the first day of our texts to be with me and then changes the subject for several days. I am very suspicious so I revert to talk and she says she hasn't had for one year, we then have virtual. This previously nice respectable lady begins to write as no respectable woman would ever dream of, very explicit. After I am still half believing that she is genuine and I ask her to describe her I ask for photos and she says she will take them for me, a short while after I receive two photos with the days date on, probably Photoshop. We now decide that she should come to Brazil and she tells me that she doesn't have the plane fare in total and asks if I will help with it. She has now finally asked me to send her cash and given me full instruction of how to send it by Western Union; she does not want me to send to her address by any other method.



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