Female Scammer Emmanuel 


Female Scammer Emmanuel 

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First Name: Emmanuel
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 40
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I am a cheerful and intelligent girl with a big heart. I am very gentle and caring. I like novels and in general, I myself am a very romantic person. I always dreamed of having a romantic evening with my beloved man. I love every second of my life and appreciate everything that fate presents to me.I love to relax in nature and enjoy the clean air. I also like to travel, visit new cities and countries, learn the culture of different nations. I love reading interesting books, and my favorite genre is novels. I love listening to music at my leisure. It helps me to relieve tension and relax. I also like watching TV shows, it is interesting to watch the development of events and characters.I would like to find a man who is serious in his intentions, with whom I would feel protected. I need an enterprising and intelligent person. He should be charismatic and caring, so that all the care that I give him, he would give it to me. Courage is also an important trait for my future spouse.



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