Female Scammer Jade Williams

Jade Williams

Female Scammer Jade Williams

E-mail: jdknywill@yahoo.com
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First Name: Jade
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 31
Birth Date:

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“ My dear Britto!!! Your words, your letters, help me cope with daily stress. Probably thanks to you, I live, and I see the meaning. You have no idea how happy I am to receive your letter. Every time I want to describe in words the feelings of happiness that I experience when I see your new letter. It is very difficult to describe in words. Thank you! Steve, how are you doing!? What's going on!? Tell me about what happens in your daily life. We can trust each other and talk about the issues that concern us. Don't be shy, you can always count on my support. I understand that real love can only be when two people are together. But I have a strong attraction to you, and this is our mutual interest. I believe that trust in each other, our feelings, is the foundation for our future relationship. And I really want to be that woman who can count on you, and rely on you as her future partner, a man. do you support me? Do you agree with me? Steve I made sure that you look at me seriously, and I see and find it in your words. I'm right? I can't help but pay attention to the news that is reported daily. European countries and the United States are pumping weapons to keep the war going. Unfortunately, this news is very sad. Russian troops continue to shell the cities. A lot of people are dying. Almost all enterprises are considered incapacitated. People experience problems with food and food. A large number of people have already left. People leave their homes, their relatives and leave. Who has the opportunity, he goes to other countries. It is a pity that I am still staying here (. Fortunately, there are humanitarian corridors that allow you to leave the country. This morning there was a lot of unfavorable news that spoiled my mood. All this news makes me think about the war every minute of my life. britto, I am writing you a letter and there are tears in my eyes Steve, my patience is running out I clearly understand that my future cannot be here in my country I am confused I have many questions that I cannot find answers to How will I continue to live!? Where will I find a job? What will be the power? How can I leave the country? And many other questions that torment my head. But now I have you, and I hope that there will be an opportunity for our meeting! Steve, it's really hard for me here. I want to find more detailed information about humanitarian corridors and how people leave the country. Right now in my head there are many different plans for the near future. All my thoughts are about building a relationship with you and, of course, leaving this place. All I want is to be loved, to be loved, to live where there is peace and joy. britto, I also think a lot about you and about our possible meeting. Our correspondence is the only bright and happy moment in my life. I thank fate that we met.You are a man that I can trust, and even more I am ready to trust you with my life. I understand that these words sound very high, but it's true. The realities of what is happening are forcing me to make a choice, to stay here in the midst of the war i, or to try to create a new life. Steve, I'm sorry that my letter today was filled with sadness. But this is my mood today. No matter what happens, my thoughts every day are about you. I dream a lot and thinking about you makes me happy.Thank you for having me. I'm sending you some beautiful photos, I hope you appreciate them and like them! I will be waiting for your next letter. Jade Williams”



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