Female Scammer Irina S.

Irina S.

Female Scammer Irina S.

E-mail: prettyirinaster@gmail.com
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First Name: Irina
Location [Address]: unknown Volgograd (Russia)
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ira, Irena, Irene, Irinka, Iri

Reports :

I need to know it by all means. Are you happy? I am the happiest person at the moment. Though I am a little scared of the interview. But I am sure everything will be just fine. Wish me good luck, darling. Soon our waiting will be over. I think that we both deserve it. I will inform you as soon as I know anything myself. I love you very much and miss you badly. But very soon we will be together and it is the most important thing. It gives me forces to fight. And I will do all the best for our happiness. Love you. -- I have the visa!!!! ... Monday, September 28, 2009 1:58:58 AM From: Galina Shtykova ...


Add to Contacts To: brian h Hi my love!!! You know it is very pity to me you do not write to me. Please write it would be very pleasant to me to know some words about you. How are you? P.S. do you receive this letter??? I have the visa and I need to know the name of the airport!!! **** I have very-very good news for both of us. I've got a package from the Embassy with the letter of invitation. They have written me a day and time when I should come to the interview. As soon as I pass it, I will get my passport with the visa. It is great!!! I am so happy and nervous at the same time.



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