Female Scammer Irina Kirillova

Irina Kirillova

Female Scammer Irina Kirillova

E-mail: irene@anastasyay.com
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First Name: Irina
Location [Address]: Ukraine, 91006, Alchevsk, Leni Alchevsk (Ukraine)
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ira, Irena, Irene, Irinka, Iri

Reports :

"I've just read your letter, and now I'd like to give you my answer, if you don't mind. Gerardo Yes, of course I wanted to get to know you and get to know you as well as possible. I am pleased that you have told me more information about your life. It was interesting for me to read about it, because I want to get to know you as well as possible. We get to know each other, and that's great! But after reading your letter, I was shocked. I am very sorry that your wife was able to do this to you, I cannot understand how you can cheat on your man with whom you plan to build a family. I understand that it was a nightmare for you and after that, you stopped believing women. Gerardo, I believe that it is not necessary to compare everyone and think badly about them. I understand that you have a strong sediment left, but still I ask you to try to get to know me, and over time you will be able to draw your own conclusions. As for your question, unfortunately I don't have pets, but I've always dreamed of having a cat. I like them better. By the way, I wanted to ask you to try to send me your photo, for all the time of our communication I have not seen you and I do not know who is writing to me all this, I hope that with your next letter you will be able to send me your photo.Gerardo, today I would like to tell you a brief biography of my life. Please don't get bored when you read this (smile). I don't have a very bright biography. So, I'll start with my childhood. My father left my mother, so she raised me alone. Nevertheless, I did not feel deprived of love, despite the fact that I grew up in a defective family. My mother replaced my father to the fullest extent. My mother was the closest person to me in my life. She was not only my mother, but also my best friend! I always shared all my problems with her. She was always there for me, giving me her love and care. I had the opportunity to be with her always because she worked as a cook at the school where I studied. And she often treated me to delicious pies during school break. I still remember the smell of these pies (smile). She was the best mother in the world. If you only knew how much I miss her. Thanks to her, I had a wonderful and happy childhood. It was a glorious time. When my schooling was over, I entered the university. I had to go to another city for this, but I did not forget about my mother and often visited her. She was always so happy when I came home. She loved to listen to my stories about my studies at the university. She always laughed like that when I told her something funny. And when my mother died two years ago, it was a real **** to me. I lost the closest person to me. But enough of the sad stuff.If you're interested, I studied history at university. I must have made a mistake with my choice of profession. Unfortunately, this is not a very popular profession. I just loved history, so at that time I had no doubts about my choice. After studying at the university, I returned to my hometown. I worked as a waitress at first, then I worked as a secretary in a small firm. But then I became a children's animator, and I still work here. I like that. Here is a brief history of my life. Gerardo, and now I ask you to tell me more about your life story. It will be interesting for me to learn more about your education, childhood, relationships with relatives. Tell me anything you want. It will be interesting to me! I hope I'm not asking too many questions.Gerardo Yes, my life has been happy in general, but I still haven't met true love. My heart is open to love. I'm tired of returning to a cold and empty apartment after work. I would like to feel human warmth and care again. I want to be happy, like when I was a child.I must say that your letters have brought variety to my life. My days have become much more interesting. Thank you for that. I hope you were interested too.I wish you a good day Irina Kirillova."



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